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Historical Consultant and Technical Adviser to the Film and Television Industry: subject matter expert on historical piracy and privateering, historical naval tactics, historical and modern fencing, and modern piracy. Can also assist in the review of or drafting of associated screenplays and teleplays.

Counter-Piracy Operations Analyst: research, analysis, and tactical and strategic development, along with associated writing and editing.

Speaker or Lecturer: subject matter expert on historical piracy and privateering, modern piracy and anti-pirate tactics, and piracy versus maritime terrorism.

Speaker, Lecturer, or Instructor on Leadership and Management: based on SEAL Team experience or on the unconventional tactics of sea rovers past and present.

Instructor for University Extension Courses: piracy and related maritime subjects.

Writing Instructor or Speaker: the details of writing non-fiction and getting it published.

Freelance Writer and Editor.

Fencing Instructor: Modern epee, foil, and saber, classical foil, pre-electrical Hungarian saber, and on occasion historical fencing (smallsword, backsword, cutlass).

See the Works and Biography pages for details on written works, lectures, and personal appearances.

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January 2000 - Present: Published Author, Maritime Analyst, Historian, Historical Consultant, Novelist. Author of five published non-fiction books on historical and modern piracy, three of them scholarly, all of them with solid scholarly research. A novel, Fortune's Whelp, was published in December 2015. Author of articles on piracy and maritime terrorism, and lecturer on same. Considered one of the leading authorities on piracy past and present; recognized expert on pirate tactics and anti-piracy operations throughout history. Current projects include historical consulting for the STARZ cable television network show Black Sails for all four seasons, and for the miniature war game company Firelock Games, creator of "Blood & Plunder." Consultant to film and television producers, script writers, historians, journalists, biographers, novelists, treasure hunters, game designers, genealogists, and others.

May 1997 - December 1999: Intelligence Analyst and Writer for an intelligence collection, analysis, and countermeasures firm. Conducted intelligence operations and analysis, including direct intelligence gathering and analysis; threat assessments; business leader profiling; and the development of counterintelligence systems. Corporate clients were typically Fortune 500 companies.

July 1993 - April 1997: Senior Technical Writer in the telecommunications industry. Also consulted part-time as a research analyst in the areas of intelligence analysis and maritime special operations.

June 1989 - January 1991: Naval Special Warfare Analyst and Project Manager. Primary responsibilities included developing tactics, and researching, writing, editing, and validating original tactical and strategic documents for Naval Special Warfare (SEAL Team) planners and operators. Areas of study included combat swimming, maritime threats and countermeasures, air operations, and land warfare.

September 1981 - April 1989: Commissioned Officer in the U. S. Navy and a U. S. Navy SEAL. Graduate of BUD/S Class 121. Served at SEAL Team THREE as an assistant platoon commander and diving officer, and at SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE as a platoon commander, training officer, assistant operations officer, and diving officer.

Fencing Experience: Forty-one years fencing, twenty-one years teaching fencing, seventeen years as head instructor and co-director of the Huntsville Fencing Club. Studied under Dr. Francis Zold and Dr. Eugene Hamori.

A list of written works, lectures, and related work is listed on the Works page.