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Piracy News & Commentary

Piracy versus Terrorism Part 2

On January 28, the New York Times published "Backgrounder: Combating Maritime Piracy" by Stephanie Hanson. The following is an expanded version of a letter to the editor I wrote in response, but which was not published.

The article points out correctly that experts (a word much  Read More 
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Secretary of State Nominee Clinton Appears to Equate Piracy With Terrorism

In her opening statement today during the Senate confirmation hearing on her nomination as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stated that “even an ancient form of terror--piracy--[is] asserting itself in modern form off the Horn of Africa.” (I assume that by using the term "terror" she meant "terrorism," given that its use in the context of international relations is almost invariably taken to indicate terrorism.) Although the argument that piracy is terrorism is a popular one, even an enticing one,  Read More 
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Piracy Versus Terrorism

My guest post on piracy versus terrorism, on MountainRunner, a blog on public diplomacy and strategic communication.
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