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Piracy News & Commentary

How Not to Behave, Intentions Notwithstanding

Eritrea has detained four British private security contractors after they came ashore, ostensibly to obtain fuel. The contractors, part of an antipiracy force belonging to Protection Vessels International, are accused of espionage, sabotage, terrorism, and invasion. Eritrea has an isolationist government that could well be described as paranoid, and the appearance of armed men  Read More 
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Wikileaks and Blackwater

Documents released recently by Wikileaks include the "revelation" that Blackwater was trying to enter anti-piracy operations in the form of an escort vessel for commercial shipping. In fact, this is old news. There was nothing hidden about Blackwater's attempted entry into this field. Only a few minor details--alleged abuse of one or more members  Read More 
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Nemesis 5000

The Nemesis 5000 is another anti-piracy technology intended as a non-lethal means of preventing pirates from boarding. It may be used in conjunction with other non-lethal means, or in conjunction with armed force (although the manufacturer does not advertise it this way). The system, intended as a cost effective alternative to expensive security teams, works  Read More 
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