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Piracy News & Commentary


A BZ to the Navy SEALs, along with other U.S. special operations forces, who rescued two aid workers captured by pirates--by criminal elements ashore who often work as pirates, that is. Nine pirates were killed in the rescue. According to local sources, as well as some early news reports citing an FBI source, three or six pirates were captured; the U.S. government denies that any prisoners were taken. Both hostages, one American and one Dane, were rescued unharmed.

Much of the media is concerned with whether this recent rescue mission will make the situation better or worse for other hostages. The only honest answer--an entirely unsatisfactory one--is that it might or might not. But both question and answer miss the point: the U.S. and other nations have every right to protect their citizens against criminals, and must exercise this right to the best of their ability, whether or not crime will be diminished as a result. Indeed, piracy and banditry will not disappear as a result of this latest raid and others like them. However, the failure to conduct such raids when appropriate will embolden hostage takers at sea and ashore.

See http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57365428/u.s-raid-in-somalia-frees-u.s-dane-hostages/.
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