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Piracy News & Commentary

Recent Somali Piracy News

Somali pirates recently released seven Danish citizens--a family of five plus two crew--captured February 24, 2011, after payment of a three million dollar ransom. A rescue attempt by Puntland forces in March failed when the rescuers were ambushed en route. Again, private sailing yachts are strongly advised to avoid the region: even with armed security aboard, sailing yachts lack the speed, maneuverability, and sheer physical presence to defend against pirate attack. Put bluntly, the capture of sailing yachts by Somali pirates is due to the folly of recreationally sailing into harm's way.

A number of analysts continue to argue against arming commercial vessels, although most shipping companies and governments are already arming their vessels, or are preparing to do so. Again, arming commercial vessels remains the only viable interim solution to the threat of Somali piracy, other than a "bean counting" one which puts the lives and well-being of seafarers at risk.
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