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Piracy News & Commentary

Yachtswoman Rescued

Spanish forces, including the amphibious warship SPS Galicia, as well as one of its helicopters and a boarding team, today attacked a pirate skiff in the Gulf of Aden, capturing seven pirates and rescuing Frenchwoman Evelyne Colombo. Her husband and sailing companion, Christian Colombo, was killed in the original pirate attack, and his body thrown overboard. The pair were sailing the catamaran Tribal Kat through the Gulf of Aden in spite of the risks, of which they were well aware. Such foolishness places not only the lives of pleasure sailors at risk, but also the lives of those who must rescue them. Only warships, large well-armed or naval-convoyed commercial or fishing vessels, and (possibly) fast large commercial vessels with high freeboard, anti-piracy trained crews, and strong citadels should venture into pirate waters.
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