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Piracy News & Commentary

Piracy News

Somali pirates who captured the Maran Centaurus actually asked for EU Navfor assistance to protect them against a rival pirate gang, just prior to the release of the vessel. The request was denied. The vessel was ransomed for a record $6 million. (Source: Lloyd's List)

The Yemen Navy is offering anti-piracy services to commercial shippers, for a price. Prices range from $35,000 for a six man armed force aboard the commercial vessel for three days, or $45,000 to $55,000 for an Austal patrol boat escort for three days. Several private firms have attempted to sell similar escort services, but have better luck providing security teams. (Sources: MarineLog, author's)

Piracy was up 38.5 percent worldwide in 2009, with 408 incidents recorded, half of which are attributable to Somali pirates. Probably more incidents went unrecorded. (Source: Lloyd's List)

Teenage piracy suspect Abduwali Muse, accused in the Maersk Alabama attack in April 2009, has been charged with two other attacks as well. (Various news sources)

The International Chamber of Shipping is demanding a single unified command structure for anti-piracy operations against Somali pirates. Good luck, gentlemen. (Source: Lloyd's List)

In May 2009, Republic of Korea SEAL snipers defended a North Korean vessel under attack. Ironically, ROK SEALs are typically engaged against North Korean special operations force incursions and espionage. (Source: tactical-life.com)

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