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Piracy News & Commentary

More Hungry Young Fools With Guns

After the release of the Turkish bulk carrier Horizon I and her crew of twenty-three, owing to the payment of a $1.7 ransom ($1.5 million in some reports), a separate gang of pirates attempted to rob those who had captured and ransomed the ship. According to Garowe Online, a Somali news agency, fighting broke out between the two pirate gangs in the village of Dhanane, south of the noted pirate port of Eyl. No injuries were reported, the attackers retreated, and it is assumed that the Horizon I pirates lost none of their lucre. The money was reportedly divided in or near Dhanane, a poverty-stricken town lacking electricity. Poverty and the lack of political and economic stability in Somali drive Somali piracy, and the situation will not be entirely resolved until Somalia is, with international intervention, made to function again.
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