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Piracy News & Commentary

Fear of Consequences

Although the US Navy inspected the boats of departing pirates after a ransom was recently paid to free the arms vessel MV Faina, it took no action against the pirates. (The boats were inspected in order to ensure that no arms from the vessel's cargo were being transported ashore.) The Associated Press quotes a spokesperson for the US Fifth Fleet as stating that the US did not take action out of fear for the well-being of other captives being held by Somali pirates. However, a French retaliatory action against the pirates who captured the luxury yacht Le Ponant last year has led to no reported reprisals against other hostages, nor were reprisals against other hostages reported after French naval commandos freed two hostages aboard a captured yacht, killing one pirate in the process. At some point the politically-hampered international coalition must get its act together and hit the Somali pirates where it hurts, or at least find a nation willing to lead in taking well-planned, well-coordinated direct action against them.
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