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Piracy News & Commentary

To Repeat (While Stomping Foot) One More Time...

Again, commentators are making much of Somali pirate "swarm" tactics, and appear to be surprised by them. Let me repeat: tactics will evolve! Possible future tactics include the ability to breach citadels; the use (with dire consequences for Somali pirates) of heavier weapons; better communication and coordination among Somali pirates, making swarm tactics more effective; faster vessels (possibly--requires money and the ability to purchase them); attacks in foul weather; the establishment of effective night attacks; attacks ranging even farther afield; and the establishment of island bases in the Red Sea (which appears may have already been done). However, with these more sophisticated attacks comes a smaller field of pirates able to use them, and the likelihood of a strong naval response. Further, barring an exceptional but unlikely increase in Somali pirate tactical ability, armed guards should continue to be able to repel all attacks.
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