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Piracy News & Commentary

The Arctic Sea

Six "pirates" who captured the freighter Arctic Sea--a Russian, a Latvian, an Estonian, plus three "stateless" men--were sentenced to prison for terms ranging from seven to twelve years by a Russian court. However, many observers do not believe that piracy--theft at sea for material gain--was the motive, but that the ship  Read More 
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Bravo Zulus

On March 14, Indian naval forces captured sixty-one suspected pirates aboard a Mozambican ship being used as a pirate mother ship. On April 1, United Arab Emirates special forces freed the MV Arrilah-I which had been captured by pirates. On April 4, Dutch naval commandos from the Dutch frigate HNLMS Tromp freed a captured Iranian fishing boat being used by Somali pirates as a mother ship. The commandos killed two suspected pirates and captured sixteen. NPR recently reported on a "neighborhood  Read More 
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