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Piracy News & Commentary

Anti-Pirate Laser

BAE Systems, the second largest defense contractor in the world, is attempting to market an anti-pirate laser. Aimed at approaching pirates, the laser will cause temporary blindness.

I have reservations about non-lethal anti-pirate measures, for, to be entirely effective, they must be backed up by lethal measures--firearms, that is, in case their perimeter is breached, so to speak. Although sonic lasers had an early success or  Read More 
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Bravo Zulu to the Malaysian Navy and PASKAL

A BZ to the Royal Malaysian Navy and its PASKAL, or naval commandos, who stormed the Malaysia-flagged chemical tanker MT Bunga Laurel today, foiling a pirate attack. The PASKAL rescued the 23 crew members and captured 7 pirates, 3 of whom were injured in the assault.
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Bravo Zulu to the ROK Navy and ROK UDT/SEALs

A Bravo Zulu to the Republic of Korea naval commandos who boarded the Korean cargo ship Samho Jewelry in a pre-dawn raid this morning, rescuing all 21 hostages, killing 8 pirates, and capturing 5 more. The captain of the ship was wounded in the belly by a pirate bullet, but is in good condition. The  Read More 
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Somali Anti-Piracy Law Fails to Pass

The BBC reports that a proposed law under the interim Somali government to combat piracy by criminalizing it failed to pass when some MPs opposed it, calling the pirates heroes who act as an informal coastguard and keep foreign fishing fleets from pillaging Somali waters. Malaysian and Taiwanese industrial fishing vessels have been named as the greatest  Read More 
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Somali Piracy 2010

The worst year so far for mariners, and the best for pirates: 53 ships captured worldwide, including 49 by Somali pirates; 445 pirate attacks worldwide; and 1,181 hostages seized, 1,016 by Somali pirates, according to the International Maritime Bureau. Pirate attacks rose by 10 percent in 2010. At present, Somali pirates hold 31 ships and more than 700 mariners.
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