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Piracy News & Commentary

"Panic Rooms"

Regarding the recently noted potential dangers associated with the use of "panic rooms" aboard ships under pirate attack (a mariner was recently murdered by pirates when he refused to open the "panic room" hatch or door), all defensive measures, lethal and non-lethal, carry a measure of risk. "Panic rooms" are no exception, and indeed,  Read More 
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Pirates Threaten to Murder Hostages

According to Lloyd's List and other news feeds, including that of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, pirates holding the Panamax* bulk carrier De Xin Hai have threatened to kill the hostages if any attempt is made to rescue them. The Chinese foreign minister has stated that a rescue attempt  Read More 
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Pirates Repulsed by Armed Guards

A few days ago, French soldiers stationed aboard two French tuna trawlers near the Seychelles fended off a pirate attack. Neither soldiers nor trawler crew were injured in the brief firefight. Other forces pursued the pirates and captured eleven of them. If your French is good, read the Le Figaro article  Read More 
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More Hungry Young Fools With Guns

After the release of the Turkish bulk carrier Horizon I and her crew of twenty-three, owing to the payment of a $1.7 ransom ($1.5 million in some reports), a separate gang of pirates attempted to rob those who had captured and ransomed the ship. According to Garowe Online, a Somali news agency, fighting broke  Read More 
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Hungry Young Fools With Guns

Five Somali pirates were captured after mistakenly attacking a French warship, the Somme, with small arms at night, roughly 270 nautical miles offshore. Pirates have been ranging farther and farther to sea in the search for prey, and an increase in night attacks has been predicted. Even so, it takes more than daring  Read More 
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