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Piracy News & Commentary

Countering the Gulf Pirates

A Bravo Zulu* to the French, in particular to the French Navy and its special operations force for the rescue of two French citizens held by Somali pirates, and to President Sarkozy for authorizing the raid. On the night of September 15, a force of French naval commandos composed of the commando Hubert--a French  Read More 
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Pirate Literature on Display

It is rare indeed these days to be able to view the original works of pirate literature that have influenced our image of the pirate, however accurately and inaccurately. Yet all is not lost. "Pirate Treasures: An Exhibition of Maps & Books from the Special Collections of Boston College’s John J. Burns Library" has  Read More 
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Somali Piracy

This year alone, Somali pirates have attacked more than fifty vessels, captured more than thirty, and have been paid more than $30 million in ransoms. Somali pirates are currently holding ten or more vessels and nearly two hundred sixty hostages. Six separate gangs are involved in the trade, and some estimates place annual income from  Read More 
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