Benerson Little

“The trident of Neptune is the scepter of the world.”*

Seventeenth century bas-relief of Fortuna with sail. The image is carved onto the stern of Fortune's Whelp, representing Fortune and her whelp, the namesake ship.

Edward McNaughton's silver-hilted French colichemarde. The silver hilt has a 1688 charge mark, the year such were instituted, and may therefore be earlier.

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Historical Fiction
The sequel to Fortune's Whelp: stay tuned!
Maritime adventure and historical intrigue set amidst the attempted assassination of King William III.
Narrative Maritime History
The truth behind the great pirate myths and legends. In print!
Maritime History

A colorful and detailed description of how pirates and privateers practiced their trade.

To really understand what the pirate's world was like: how buccaneers lived, fought, and died.


Fortune's Favorite

The sequel to Fortune's Whelp: stay tuned!